Hemp Fabrics- The Largest Range in Australia!

Hemp Wholesale Australia supplies the largest range of Hemp Fabrics in Australia, as well as some other natural fibre fabrics.
This huge range of sustainable, eco-friendly, natural fabrics include Hemp and Silk blends, Hemp/Organic Cotton, Hemp/Yak Hair and more in addition to 100% Hemp fabrics. We now have Organic Linen, Organic Cotton and blends of these too.
We have worked with these fabrics for over 10 years and are happy to answer questions– including information you may need about dyeing and printing.
We send to anywhere in Australia – or overseas!
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Hemp Wholesale Australia sells wholesale- Business to Business- to manufacturers and resellers. Register HERE to be able to see wholesale pricing and order online.
If you are a personal buyer, don't despair- we love helping you find a retailer that may be able to supply the hemp products and hemp materials you are after.
For Personal Buyers- follow this link to our retail enquiry form.