About our Company

“I like to know who I am dealing with”

Greetings from the new owners!

As a family owned and run company we have taken on the mantle of Hemp Wholesale Australia. Our origin is in the Crafting/Fabric retail sector. With the acquisition of Hemp Wholesale Australia we are delving into the wholesale side of things. Together with you we are looking forward to the future of HWA.

Specialising in textiles made from sustainable and organic fibres, HWA has been an import and wholesale company since 2003. We source and supply quality natural products, especially hemp products, business to business.  We now primarily provide fabrics and printable items, with a range of  twines/webbing/rope/fibre. Students are welcome to contact us.

Hemp Wholesale Australia aims to continue to educate people in the amazing properties of hemp and the enormous benefits that hemp provides. People are valuable, we believe that we have a duty to care for our world, and that hemp offers us an opportunity to help people and the earth.

Some of our hemp products are manufactured here in Australia. In addition we can manufacture for you either in Australia or Internationally.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you.

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