“Water” Napkins… a Tie Dyeing Sensation

MONA (The Museum of the Old and the New Art) have organised an awesome workshop to be performed at a few carnivals and ongoing at Bond Place. The workshop is teaching tie dye techniques using indigo dyes which will transform some napkins from our FHOC11SNAT into some beautiful “water” themed napkins! The talented artist in charge of the indigo dyeing workshop is Eleanor Kuylaars and she is still running it at Bond Place to this day.

Sarah from MONA commented that, “the team running the dying activity were impressed with the quality and colour of the napkins, so thank you!” 

Sarah also mentioned what was accomplished with some extra (FHOC11SNAT) hemp organic cotton fabric that they ordered. She mentioned that the fabric was “dyed, made into outfits and worn by staff. They are pretty impressive!”

The Tie Dyeing Process

The Final Product (using X031Napkin-Cus)

A Shawl, a Bag and Some Tea Towels Too

Nettie and Co.  have been hard at work transforming wide hemp / organic cotton fabric (FHOCWideNAT), organic cotton muslin fabric (FOCDMUSIV) into bags, shawls and teatowels.

They have also been hard at work printing on some organic cotton teatowels (X030CWHI).

Don’t you think these products are spectacular?

Janette from Nettie and Co. has been kind enough to say that she has”…been very happy with the fabrics that [she’s] ordered from [HWA].” Saying that she “…especially loves the hemp/organic cotton. It prints and dyes beautifully and is so versatile.” 

Printed Tea Towel (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Printed Tea Towels (made with X030CWHI)

Bag (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Indigo Dyed Shawl (made with FOCDMUSIV)

Outstanding Organic Linen Cushions

For Sage has made some outstanding cushions with organic linen fabric (FOL1006SIV). The pictures say it all.

The beautiful pink colour, created with avocado skins and pips, and the hand-sewn design both make this an outstanding item. I mean… wouldn’t you want it in your house?

Make sure you check out their Instagram to see more photos showing the outstanding work they have done with this fabric. 

A bonus word from the creator herself: “I loved the linen, it was really nice to work with and dye with.”

Fantastic Furoshiki, Bags and Wheat Packs

Me.So Eco have made some wonderful creations using a variety of fabrics from our range that not only look stunning but are also great for the environment. 

The creations that have been made include:

These fabrics were the perfect choice for these creations, in fact, Claire from Me.So Eco says “I’m loving the fabric.”

Based in New Zealand this company is changing the world. Make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more!

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap (FOCPOPRBotBLU, FOCPOPRBotGRN & FOCPOPRBotRED)

Wheat Packs (FHOC7SEGP & FHOC11SU)

Produce Bags (FHOC21SU)

Cute Canvas Christmas Placemats

These sturdy and cute Hemp Organic Cotton Canvas (FHOCCVNAT) placemats have the perfect printed design completed by River Mint Print

The number of things this company have made with HWA fabric is spectacular! 

Make sure you look at their other great work featured on the blog:

Hemp Underwear and More Underway…

The Knicker Parlour have been hard at work making high quality comfortable AND stylish underwear. 

The Hemp Organic Cotton Elastane fabric (FHOCELFNAT) was the perfect choice for this classic look. 

Soon to come is crop tops, bike shorts and men’s underwear… so keep your eyes peeled on their Website!

High Rise Underwear using FHOCELFNAT

High Cut Underwear using FHOCELFNAT

Stylish Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks made with Organic Linen / Organic Cotton (FOLOC11SU) are both stylish and strong… the Perfect combination to hold all the amazing gifts that are sure to arrive at Christmas time. 

The creator of these sacks (Sarah from TotallyAU) agrees that this fabric was the perfect choice, saying: “The organic linen/cotton is AMAZING!!! I’m so happy with how it’s come up.” 

Make sure you check out their Instagram and Etsy Store… maybe you will be able to buy your own for Christmas! 

Hemp Twine in Action

Naked by George have been busy creating all sorts of amazing useful things with hemp twine (HT1-1kgNAT). This bag is only the beginning of the range.

Naked by George have definitely shown the many uses that hemp twine has. These pictures are a snapshot from their Instagram… be sure to check out their Instagram Page to see all the other amazing things that have been knitted and crocheted out of the hemp twine. 

Aeterna: an Elegant Clothing Line

Clara Bosshard is a very talented student and the creator of a clothing line called Aeterna. Using hemp Organic Cotton (FHOCTWU & FHOC21SNAT) and plant based dyes she has created “playful interpretations of classicism” (Clara Bosshard). 

“Simple and elegant, this collection of garments is designed to sit beautifully on the human body and to impact lightly on the earth… Characterised by aeterna or timlessness, these garments will withstand the test of time in their durability and the capacity to delight and satisfy the wearer over many years”, says Clara. 

Made with a great choice of fabric and admirable skill, this clothing line lives up to all that has been said about it and is also compostable once it reaches the end of its life!

Aeterna is a spectacular range that is showing the way in Sustainability.

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