Aeterna: an Elegant Clothing Line

Clara Bosshard is a very talented student and the creator of a clothing line called Aeterna. Using hemp Organic Cotton (FHOCTWU & FHOC21SNAT) and plant based dyes she has created “playful interpretations of classicism” (Clara Bosshard). 

“Simple and elegant, this collection of garments is designed to sit beautifully on the human body and to impact lightly on the earth… Characterised by aeterna or timlessness, these garments will withstand the test of time in their durability and the capacity to delight and satisfy the wearer over many years”, says Clara. 

Made with a great choice of fabric and admirable skill, this clothing line lives up to all that has been said about it and is also compostable once it reaches the end of its life!

Aeterna is a spectacular range that is showing the way in Sustainability.

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