Perfectly Imperfect Dolls

Perfectly Imperfect Dolls… the company name says it all! These unique dolls are skillfully handmade and absolutely creative. Many of the dolls have been made with hemp organic cotton twill (FHOCTWNAT), cross weave (FHOCXU) and woven …

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All Knitted Up!

Marion Johnson spun some hemp degummed fibre (HDGFC) into yarn and then knitted it up so nicely that the quality is undoubtable! She has produces a very natural and soft product – all by hand!

Hemp Fibre in Taxidermy

The Hemp Degummed Fibre (HDGF) that we supply has been used by taxidermists from the Queensland Museum. Shelley from the museum told us “The hemp is to be used in taxidermy of animal and bird …

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