Perfectly Imperfect Dolls

Perfectly Imperfect Dolls… the company name says it all! These unique dolls are skillfully handmade and absolutely creative. Many of the dolls have been made with hemp organic cotton twill (FHOCTWNAT), cross weave (FHOCXU) and woven …

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Yoga, Designs and Bags with Both

Yogitown have used hemp organic cotton fabrics (FHOCLCVBLK, FHOCLCVU and FHOC21SNAT) and an organic linen/cotton (FOLOC11SU) to make some stylish bags. These bags have intricately printed designs which perfectly suit the fabric and its properties. See the pictures below …

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Heartwarming Homewares

Sol Stitch have made spectacular products using a variety of our fabrics (FHOC7SYDCOB, FHOCWideU, FHOC11SCHAR, FHOC11SNAT, FHOC11SU, FHOC16SDIND & FHOC21SBLK).  Sabrina stated that the products’ feedback is great saying “everyone always loves the fabrics, especially …

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