Cute Canvas Christmas Placemats

These sturdy and cute Hemp Organic Cotton Canvas (FHOCCVNAT) placemats have the perfect printed design completed by River Mint Print

The number of things this company have made with HWA fabric is spectacular! 

Make sure you look at their other great work featured on the blog:

Cute Bags Dyed with Plants!

Lim Everyday is an amazing company who has made these cute bags from hemp organic cotton canvas (FHOCLCVNAT) and lined with organic cotton fabric (FOC21SIV). The fabric has taken on a nice colour by being dyed with plants… Yes, plants! The bag in the photo has been dyed with pink sandalwood. 

These bags can be seen on their Instagram, so be sure to check it out. 

Yoga, Designs and Bags with Both

Yogitown have used hemp organic cotton fabrics (FHOCLCVBLK, FHOCLCVU and FHOC21SNAT) and an organic linen/cotton (FOLOC11SU) to make some stylish bags. These bags have intricately printed designs which perfectly suit the fabric and its properties. See the pictures below of the beautiful bags that this company has created.

Bags of Beauty

Street Alchemy have been busy crafting shoulder bags and travel bags with absolute class. Mixing hemp fabric (FHOCCVCHAR, FHOC7SCOB and FHOC7SGYSG) with leather gives them a professional look that can withstand life wear.  

If you want to learn more about these beautiful bags or purchase some click here. 

See their beauty in the images below!

Black Passport Bag

Blue Passport Bag

Shoulder Bag

Colourful Canvas…

Powerstone Digital Printing are promoting our canvas fabric (FHOCCVNAT) by printing beautiful designs on it like the picture above. Successfully making business with local farmers and art galleries, this fabric product is getting the views it deserves.

Jo Carkeek-Houston, our contact from Powerstone Digital Printing, said “The fabrics are fantastic… and canvases print beautifully.” This is a great sustainable product with up to date technology added.

Pristine Canvas Homewares

Strayhome Homewares used some natural hemp organic cotton canvas (FHOCCVNAT) in their pristine homewares shown in this post. The canvas adds a great fresh look to the already great selection. There would definitely be pride for the team that put this together and contributed. 

See more of their collection on their Facebook Page

Triple B… Bold Beautiful Bags

Kaija have made what I would like to call ‘triple B’ – Bold Beautiful Bags. Using some hemp canvas from out range (FHOCCVNAT-PFD) they have designed some really spectacular bags with a vast number of designs. Below is another snapshot highlighting their beautiful product with their digitally printed design.

Dog Beds… Cool and Effective!

Pawfect Earth made some really cool dog beds! Using the taupe hemp organic cotton canvas (FHOCCVTPE) to perfection, optimizing its qualities they have crafted the beds that all dogs would enjoy the comfort of. 

Sophie Noss stated “My own pup is testing it out and so far all her scratching and biting hasn’t even left a mark…” 

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