Outstanding Organic Linen Cushions

For Sage has made some outstanding cushions with organic linen fabric (FOL1006SIV). The pictures say it all.

The beautiful pink colour, created with avocado skins and pips, and the hand-sewn design both make this an outstanding item. I mean… wouldn’t you want it in your house?

Make sure you check out their Instagram to see more photos showing the outstanding work they have done with this fabric. 

A bonus word from the creator herself: “I loved the linen, it was really nice to work with and dye with.”

Aeterna: an Elegant Clothing Line

Clara Bosshard is a very talented student and the creator of a clothing line called Aeterna. Using hemp Organic Cotton (FHOCTWU & FHOC21SNAT) and plant based dyes she has created “playful interpretations of classicism” (Clara Bosshard). 

“Simple and elegant, this collection of garments is designed to sit beautifully on the human body and to impact lightly on the earth… Characterised by aeterna or timlessness, these garments will withstand the test of time in their durability and the capacity to delight and satisfy the wearer over many years”, says Clara. 

Made with a great choice of fabric and admirable skill, this clothing line lives up to all that has been said about it and is also compostable once it reaches the end of its life!

Aeterna is a spectacular range that is showing the way in Sustainability.

Cute Bags Dyed with Plants!

Lim Everyday is an amazing company who has made these cute bags from hemp organic cotton canvas (FHOCLCVNAT) and lined with organic cotton fabric (FOC21SIV). The fabric has taken on a nice colour by being dyed with plants… Yes, plants! The bag in the photo has been dyed with pink sandalwood. 

These bags can be seen on their Instagram, so be sure to check it out. 

Loud and Proud – Wonderful Outfits with Wonderful Fabrics

Micky Little is such a talented student transforming hemp organic cotton woven and fleecy fabric (FHOC16SNAT and FHOCFLNAT), 100% hemp canvas (FH100CVMNAT), and hemp tencel (FHTLNAT) into these bright and awesome outfits. She has made nearly every garment imaginable with these fabrics; a hoodie, a turtleneck, various dresses, overalls, a suit, a boiler suit and bucket hats.

Above that she has done amazing work colouring the fabrics. We were told by Micky that “All the yellow garments you can see have been turmeric dyed and the rest hand painted including the blue turtle neck.”

FHOC16SNAT (Overalls) and FH100CVMNAT (Hat)

Suit (FH100CVMNAT) with Lining (FHTLNAT)

Dress (FHTLNAT) and Turtleneck (FHOCFLNAT)

Compostable and Beautiful… What More Could You Ask For?

This shirt has been skilfully made by VixEco Designs. They have used hemp organic cotton T-shirt knit (FHOCTKU – now available in Natural), up-cycled crochet panels and natural thread so that you not only look beautiful but can compost the shirt at the end of its lifespan! The production of the shirt has been environmentally friendly as well, with eco-dying and eco-printing methods to create this beautiful design. 

This company is setting a great standard for clothing in both aesthetic and its impact on nature. See their Instagram for more. 

Wrap Pants and Backpack to Dye For!

Mandala Dreams have gone a step further with their successful wrap pants using the crossweave fabric from our range (FHOCXNAT). The eco ‘shibori’ dye alongside their homegrown indigo ferment has created a magnificent product! They didn’t stop at the pants either… above you can see a highly requested backpack that wasn’t initially in stock! Made with hemp canvas (FH100CVMU) this backpack is not only beautiful, but very sturdy to make it through a big day.

Foraging Satchel – Great for Adventures!

This foraging satchel has been developed and created by Green and Growing things. The fabrics (Outer: FH100DRD and Lining: FOCHNBRW – now discontinued) look stunning when made in this way with generous pockets and a simple flap. Their website brings to light that the “…leaves are printed by hand with fallen eucalyptus leaves and eco dye.” See more description on their website and see below for more pictures showing the beautiful natural product this fabric has made.

Excellent Ecoprints

Jody Warren has made some masterpieces using 100% Hemp Summerweight Fabric (FH100SMN). Using a form of eco printing She has transformed the fabrics into first class views. Who wouldn’t love to have this product covering some furniture or as part of some clothing! 

In letting us know how she dyed the fabrics so beautifully and completely naturally she stated “I used local coastal eucalyptus flowers and leaves (haven’t been able to identify it as yet) and cinerea, a grey leaf eucalyptus used a lot by ecodyers, especially Australian India Flint.”

This process is used widely in eco fabrics and it definitely produced some excellent results. You can see in the images above and below a couple of examples of her excellent work.

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