A Shawl, a Bag and Some Tea Towels Too

Nettie and Co.  have been hard at work transforming wide hemp / organic cotton fabric (FHOCWideNAT), organic cotton muslin fabric (FOCDMUSIV) into bags, shawls and teatowels.

They have also been hard at work printing on some organic cotton teatowels (X030CWHI).

Don’t you think these products are spectacular?

Janette from Nettie and Co. has been kind enough to say that she has”…been very happy with the fabrics that [she’s] ordered from [HWA].” Saying that she “…especially loves the hemp/organic cotton. It prints and dyes beautifully and is so versatile.” 

Printed Tea Towel (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Printed Tea Towels (made with X030CWHI)

Bag (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Indigo Dyed Shawl (made with FOCDMUSIV)

Hemp Underwear and More Underway…

The Knicker Parlour have been hard at work making high quality comfortable AND stylish underwear. 

The Hemp Organic Cotton Elastane fabric (FHOCELFNAT) was the perfect choice for this classic look. 

Soon to come is crop tops, bike shorts and men’s underwear… so keep your eyes peeled on their Website!

High Rise Underwear using FHOCELFNAT

High Cut Underwear using FHOCELFNAT

Aeterna: an Elegant Clothing Line

Clara Bosshard is a very talented student and the creator of a clothing line called Aeterna. Using hemp Organic Cotton (FHOCTWU & FHOC21SNAT) and plant based dyes she has created “playful interpretations of classicism” (Clara Bosshard). 

“Simple and elegant, this collection of garments is designed to sit beautifully on the human body and to impact lightly on the earth… Characterised by aeterna or timlessness, these garments will withstand the test of time in their durability and the capacity to delight and satisfy the wearer over many years”, says Clara. 

Made with a great choice of fabric and admirable skill, this clothing line lives up to all that has been said about it and is also compostable once it reaches the end of its life!

Aeterna is a spectacular range that is showing the way in Sustainability.

Knockout Knit Clothing Collection

Jennifer Farthing has made some great garments using a variety of Hemp Organic Cotton Knits (FHOCLKNAT, FHOCLKSTBLU, FHOCTKNAT, FHOCTKBLK & FHOCELFBLK). The creativity and design that transforms this fabric is definitely newsworthy! 

Jen says she “Absolutely love[s] this fabric and feel[s] very committed to it. Both the light weight and heavier are great.” 

Stunning Summer Clothing Range

Creators Nest have been busy creating a stunning collection of neutrals clothing with various 100% linens (FL100wideTTOAT, FL100SH1IV, FL100MFLAX & FL100MWHI), an Organic Linen / Organic Cotton blend (FOLOC11SU) and an Organic Cotton (FOC21SIV). 

Marie-Nicole from Creators Nest said “I have the original Bella skirt (sample) and get so many compliments when I wear it, it’s so flattering & feminine… everyone who’s tried it on looks amazing in it!”

Make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook to see more of their creations!

Bella Skirt made with FOLOC11SU

Dress using FOLOC11SU

Sunday Wrap Dress

This dress made by Scavenge Designs is absolutely stunning. 

Using Hemp Organic Cotton Elastane (FHOCELFRBRW) “…it’s extra comfy and breathable for the warm weather”. 

This fabric was the perfect choice to be transformed into this stunning design. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Etsy Store to buy your own dress or simply admire the designs that have been created.

Sarah from Scavenge Designs who made this dress also said she’s “…such a big fan of your fabric selection and will definitely use [HWA] as [her] first choice when it comes to buying wholesale fabric!”

Fashion Runway… An Urban Expansion into Natural Environments

What a marvelous job Psyfunkle have done! This dress was designed to represent urban expansion into natural environments.

Not only does it look stunning but it also is great quality and comfortable using silver hemp silk satin (FHSSSIL).

The creator of this dress commented: “…loved your fabrics. The silk hemp especially was to die for!”

Check out more of their work on Instagram and Facebook!

Hemp Fabric Featured in the Bridport Scallop Fiesta Fashion Parade!

Taraintheforest is an amazing brand featured in the Bridport Scallop Fiesta Fashion Parade. Tara has handmade a unique and amazing shirt with hemp organic cotton fabric (FHOC21SMOC) – the hand weaving on the front is such an intricate design and definitely would have been a great addition to the parade.

Make sure to check out her Instagram for more of her work!

Hemp Organic Cotton (FHOC21SMOC)

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