A Shawl, a Bag and Some Tea Towels Too

Nettie and Co.  have been hard at work transforming wide hemp / organic cotton fabric (FHOCWideNAT), organic cotton muslin fabric (FOCDMUSIV) into bags, shawls and teatowels.

They have also been hard at work printing on some organic cotton teatowels (X030CWHI).

Don’t you think these products are spectacular?

Janette from Nettie and Co. has been kind enough to say that she has”…been very happy with the fabrics that [she’s] ordered from [HWA].” Saying that she “…especially loves the hemp/organic cotton. It prints and dyes beautifully and is so versatile.” 

Printed Tea Towel (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Printed Tea Towels (made with X030CWHI)

Bag (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Indigo Dyed Shawl (made with FOCDMUSIV)

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