“Water” Napkins… a Tie Dyeing Sensation

MONA (The Museum of the Old and the New Art) have organised an awesome workshop to be performed at a few carnivals and ongoing at Bond Place. The workshop is teaching tie dye techniques using indigo dyes which will transform some napkins from our FHOC11SNAT into some beautiful “water” themed napkins! The talented artist in charge of the indigo dyeing workshop is Eleanor Kuylaars and she is still running it at Bond Place to this day.

Sarah from MONA commented that, “the team running the dying activity were impressed with the quality and colour of the napkins, so thank you!”

Sarah also mentioned what was accomplished with some extra (FHOC11SNAT) hemp organic cotton fabric that they ordered. She mentioned that the fabric was “dyed, made into outfits and worn by staff. They are pretty impressive!”

The Tie Dyeing Process

The Final Product (using X031Napkin-Cus)

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