“Water” Napkins… a Tie Dyeing Sensation

MONA (The Museum of the Old and the New Art) have organised an awesome workshop to be performed at a few carnivals and ongoing at Bond Place. The workshop is teaching tie dye techniques using indigo dyes which will transform some napkins from our FHOC11SNAT into some beautiful “water” themed napkins! The talented artist in charge of the indigo dyeing workshop is Eleanor Kuylaars and she is still running it at Bond Place to this day.

Sarah from MONA commented that, “the team running the dying activity were impressed with the quality and colour of the napkins, so thank you!” 

Sarah also mentioned what was accomplished with some extra (FHOC11SNAT) hemp organic cotton fabric that they ordered. She mentioned that the fabric was “dyed, made into outfits and worn by staff. They are pretty impressive!”

The Tie Dyeing Process

The Final Product (using X031Napkin-Cus)

A Shawl, a Bag and Some Tea Towels Too

Nettie and Co.  have been hard at work transforming wide hemp / organic cotton fabric (FHOCWideNAT), organic cotton muslin fabric (FOCDMUSIV) into bags, shawls and teatowels.

They have also been hard at work printing on some organic cotton teatowels (X030CWHI).

Don’t you think these products are spectacular?

Janette from Nettie and Co. has been kind enough to say that she has”…been very happy with the fabrics that [she’s] ordered from [HWA].” Saying that she “…especially loves the hemp/organic cotton. It prints and dyes beautifully and is so versatile.” 

Printed Tea Towel (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Printed Tea Towels (made with X030CWHI)

Bag (made with FHOCWideNAT)

Indigo Dyed Shawl (made with FOCDMUSIV)

Loud and Proud – Wonderful Outfits with Wonderful Fabrics

Micky Little is such a talented student transforming hemp organic cotton woven and fleecy fabric (FHOC16SNAT and FHOCFLNAT), 100% hemp canvas (FH100CVMNAT), and hemp tencel (FHTLNAT) into these bright and awesome outfits. She has made nearly every garment imaginable with these fabrics; a hoodie, a turtleneck, various dresses, overalls, a suit, a boiler suit and bucket hats.

Above that she has done amazing work colouring the fabrics. We were told by Micky that “All the yellow garments you can see have been turmeric dyed and the rest hand painted including the blue turtle neck.”

FHOC16SNAT (Overalls) and FH100CVMNAT (Hat)

Suit (FH100CVMNAT) with Lining (FHTLNAT)

Dress (FHTLNAT) and Turtleneck (FHOCFLNAT)

Creative Cushion Covers

Weave and Burrow… You don’t have to ‘burrow’ through their cushion cover designs to find a nice one! There are so many different designs piled up in the picture above – all with a unique flair! 

Each cushion cover was made with organic linen/organic cotton fabric (FOLOC11SU)… which was undeniably the right choice for these designs!  Can you see the hand-dyed and the printed variants?

Wrap Pants and Backpack to Dye For!

Mandala Dreams have gone a step further with their successful wrap pants using the crossweave fabric from our range (FHOCXNAT). The eco ‘shibori’ dye alongside their homegrown indigo ferment has created a magnificent product! They didn’t stop at the pants either… above you can see a highly requested backpack that wasn’t initially in stock! Made with hemp canvas (FH100CVMU) this backpack is not only beautiful, but very sturdy to make it through a big day.

Terrific Twill Tote Bags

LAVA has made some amazing tote bags from the hemp organic cotton twill fabric (FHOCTWNAT) we provide. The way that they have dyed the fabric puts them on the Must Have list! 

Kirsten from LAVA commented on how well this fabric is suited for their bags: “…it takes on the Indigo and other dyes beautifully, and is a good weight for the bags I make from them. I love the slight lustre to the fabric which adds a bit of luxe.”

Below are a couple more images of these bags. You can see more on their Facebook, Instagram and website also!

Monet Print

Shibori Cushions

Karen Tam has made some beautiful Indigo Shibori cushions using some of our  Hemp/Organic Cotton canvas and the lightweight canvas. FHOCCV and FHOCLCV This style of dyeing works perfectly with the colouring of this natural fabric and each accentuates the beauty of the other. Above you can see for yourself the lovely results on the cushions.

Gradient Dyed Hemp Dress

Creative student’s gradient dyed dress with a beautiful hemp coat to accompany it.  A very talented (but shy) student used the hemp silk (fine) for her dress. The coat is from the hemp yak (FHYAKUD – now discontinued) – giving a very unique garment made from sustainable fabrics. 

Homewares in 100% Hemp

Cushions and table linens have been dyed and sewn to perfection using 100% hemp fabrics (FH100SMNAT, and FH100SFCNAT) by Kate Manning. Marvelous creations and beautiful outcomes using summer-weight hemp, superfine hemp and  also some natural hemp organic cotton (FHOC7SNAT). 

“The hemp is really soft and very strong, this napkin will last for as long as you will keep it.” Kate Manning

SEE MORE AT: http://katemanning.com.au/

Summer-weight (FH100SMN) Hemp Cushion

Superfine Hemp (FH100SFCNAT) Cushions

Hemp Organic Cotton (FHOC7SNAT) Cushions

Summer-weight (FH100SMN) Napkins / Table Linens

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