Homewares in 100% Hemp

Cushions and table linens have been dyed and sewn to perfection using 100% hemp fabrics (FH100SMNAT, and FH100SFCNAT) by Kate Manning. Marvelous creations and beautiful outcomes using summer-weight hemp, superfine hemp and  also some natural hemp organic cotton (FHOC7SNAT). 

“The hemp is really soft and very strong, this napkin will last for as long as you will keep it.” Kate Manning

SEE MORE AT: http://katemanning.com.au/

Summer-weight (FH100SMN) Hemp Cushion

Superfine Hemp (FH100SFCNAT) Cushions

Hemp Organic Cotton (FHOC7SNAT) Cushions

Summer-weight (FH100SMN) Napkins / Table Linens

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