Rein In Your Excitement!

Reins made from Hemp Rope (HR6-50m & HR4-50m)! What a marvelous idea by Kandy Cord and Rope – a comfortable sturdy and good quality rein is essential for a good horse ride and these definitely hit the …

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All The More Pawfect!

Greenpaws have shown their pawfect collars all the more! Their website is booming with great pictures of the collars made from hemp webbing (HWB25CCV). So many people would be dying to get one for their dogs!

Pawfect Dog Collars

Greenpaws have made so many beautiful collars with hemp webbing (HWB25CCV). These images only show a small sample of the at least  20 unique designs they have made! We are sure your dogs would wear these …

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Pamper Your Pets!

Cute cat and puppy collars among cool doggy bag dispensers that  resemble flowers! These awesome products made by The Green Roundabout with hemp twines (HT1-100g) are definitely good products to think about buying when wanting …

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