Loud and Proud – Wonderful Outfits with Wonderful Fabrics

Micky Little is such a talented student transforming hemp organic cotton woven and fleecy fabric (FHOC16SNAT and FHOCFLNAT), 100% hemp canvas (FH100CVMNAT), and hemp tencel (FHTLNAT) into these bright and awesome outfits. She has made nearly every garment imaginable with these fabrics; a hoodie, a turtleneck, various dresses, overalls, a suit, a boiler suit and bucket hats.

Above that she has done amazing work colouring the fabrics. We were told by Micky that “All the yellow garments you can see have been turmeric dyed and the rest hand painted including the blue turtle neck.”

FHOC16SNAT (Overalls) and FH100CVMNAT (Hat)

Suit (FH100CVMNAT) with Lining (FHTLNAT)

Dress (FHTLNAT) and Turtleneck (FHOCFLNAT)

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