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How do I get fabric samples?

Head on over to our samples area! We’ve made some changes to the samples process to make it easy for you to get exactly what you’re after, without having to make multiple orders.

Aren’t sure what to get? Feel free to contact us and ask! We’re happy to help recommend a fabric that will suit your purpose.

How do I get samples of Twines, Yarns, Webbing, Fibre?

Due to their relatively low cost, we recommend that you include a small length of them with your samples order. You can get as little as one one meter of most of our products!

For fibers, please send us an email, as they will depend on what we have on-hand.

How can I see samples of Printable Items – Tea towels, bags etc?

The best way to see a full sample of a Printable Item such as tea towels, aprons or tote bags is to order a single item. On occasion, there may be some seconds items available of a particular product.

For the “Made in Australia” items an economical alternative is to get a sample of the fabric the items are made from – check with us to ensure you have the correct fabric code for the item you are interested in.

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