Classic Collection of Hemp Aprons

The Apron Studio have used a selection of our fabrics including FHOC7SGYSG, FHOC7SSBLU, FHOC7SBLK to make a classic and beautiful collection of aprons. They have also used hemp webbing as the ties around some aprons also which is a very strong material and a great choice by them!

On the products where they have used our products they have a great description showing the quality of their products showing great research on their behalf! 

The description is as follows: Hemp is known to be the strongest natural fiber with improved absorbency and ” breath-ability “. It is also naturally resistant to mildew, bacteria, and insects. Not to mention that the fabric adjusts to your body’s temperature keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter…”

You can see these aprons among other beautiful aprons on their website. You can also have a look at their Instagram and Facebook to know more about them. 

Aprons using FHOC7SBLK

Aprons using FHOC7SSBLU

Aprons using FHOC7SGYSG

Apron using Webbing

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