Eco Friendly Market Stall – The Place to Shop!

Wrax Waps have prepared for a spectacular market stall by making reusable and environmentally friendly products. They have made some “beeswax wraps, reusable tea bags, dishwash clothes and lavender heatpacks. All using hemp based materials!” 

The heatpacks, beeswax wraps and tea bags have been made with hemp organic cotton fabric (FHOC7SCOB, FHOC16SNAT & FHOC16SDIND)… perfect for these soft, healthy and attractive products!

The dish cloths have been made with hemp yarn (HTY6STR1kgLNAT), which is healthy, long-lasting and the perfect material to clean old food off your dishes!

All of these products have been displayed beautifully on a hemp organic cotton table cloth (X034-HOC150) from our range. 

See below pictures of all the amazing products. 

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