Massage Belts

Some great progress has been made by No Worry Beads using our hemp cord and rope. They ordered a variety of sizes and are pleased with all. With the 4mm hemp rope they have created massage belts – unique products made beautifully and selling successfully. Emma states, ”The 4mm rope has been great for our massage belts, and I will definitely be continuing to use it.” 

“You really need to see them in use to understand how they work, quirky but popular. I sold a couple to some recent delegates from Shandong, our sister city in China.

I’m not sure about the 6mm rope yet, but I will find a use for it, perhaps a giant macramé with our giant wooden beads. 🙂

I was hoping to use the black twine for beading my necklaces, and still experimenting with how that works for me. 

The 2.2 mm braided cord is perfect for my standard drill hole size, and I really like the flat braided look.”

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