Mystery Codes

Really there is no mystery. Most of our fabric codes tell you about the fabrics.This is how they are constructed: FHOC7SBLK 

F – Fabric
H – Hemp – largest part of the composition
OC – Organic Cotton – next largest part of the composition
7S – yarn size. The number is smaller when the yarn is larger, and the S stands for Spun.
BLK – this part is the colour

Of course if they are 100% Hemp the code starts FH100, and if Organic Linen/Organic Cotton, it starts FOLOC
RP is for Recycled Polyester, SS is for silk satin, SJ for Silk Jacquard, TW for twill, CV for canvas, EL for elastane and so on. There are a few other special ones, but we are sure you can work them out from the fabric name such as FHOCXB – Hemp Organic Cotton Crossweave Beige.

There are many colours too, but once you match them up, they are easy – GRS for Grass, PPK for Pale Pink and even FUN for Fungi.

Now you can be a fabric code expert too. (except for a few strange codes we inherited as FSA codes… 🙂

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