Printing on coloured hemp fabrics!

Silence Blue And Vivid Blue Cushions

Ellume life have used some dyed FHOC7s, Hemp/Organic coton fabrics from our range and printed on them, making them into beautiful cushions and tableware. The colourful hemp organic cotton blends are perfect for their beautiful range, some of which are seen below. (To see more of their range and beautiful products visit their website)

Taupe (FHOC7sTPE) Cushion

Chocolate (FHOC7sCHO) Cushions

Taupe (FHOC7sTPE) Tea Towels

Grass Green (FHOC7sGRS) Cushions

Berry Red (FHOC7sBRED) Cushions

Grass Green (FHOC7sGRS) Tea Towel

Grass Green (FHOS7sGRS) Table Runner

Grey Sage (FHOC7sGYSG) Table Runners

Silence Blue (FHOC7sSBLU) and Vivid Blue (FHOC7sVBLU) Cushions

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