Spectacular Eco-Friendly Sanitary Products

Ecopads Australia make the world a better place for women as well as menstruation and pregnancies better times! “We use the hemp as an absorbent layer for pads, and then for the outside layer for our breast pads and face wipes – they are so beautifully soft – more than any other hemp fleece we have used before!” says Freeda Thong, founder.  A social enterprise, an Ecopads purchase means you help send one to a girl or woman in need.

The fabric, FHCFL or FHOCFL looks amazing and from the sounds of things the products work amazingly! Definitely something worth looking into…

Breast Pads and Face Pads with FHOCFL Backing

Breast Pads and Face Pads with FHOCFL Backing

Sanitary Pad with Absorbent Layer of FHOCFL

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