Decaying Silk Dress

Judy Parham, a final year student, Bachelor of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art, has created a dress as an art piece, that is made from hemp crushed silk (FHSCRNAT) and it has turned out fantastically.  What you can’t tell from the photo is that it is 3.2m long!  Judy explained her dress by saying “My focus is homelessness, or displacement and dislocation. It all began by seeing a homeless man taking refuge under an oak tree in the parklands when I took the dog for a walk. Then I heard of an English lady, formerly a concert pianist who had been homeless for 30 years and living in bushes near Chiswick station in London. The dress is dedicated to her, based on a performance gown, called ‘Falling from Grace’.” The dress was dipped in green paint and coffee so that it gave the illusion of gradual decay at the bottom of the dress.

  (Photo courtesy of James Field Photography)

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