Magical Mayu Coat

Rioko Lilley of  Boniko is a “Melbourne based fashion designer exploring the concept of free clothing by taking the boundary off size, gender and season.” She has used some of our Rain-dew Organic Linen (FOL100HRD) to make a coat, called the Mayu Coat, which Rioko personally wears everyday! Their Instagram shows off the fashion they have designed and have shown our fabric in the above picture (the border fabric), marveling about the fabric in this image in the caption. The Facebook page is also a great site where they explain our fabric in great detail:

Rain-dew Organic Linen has its special appearance because the flax it is made from is retted (the first part of the processing where it is softened with water to allow the fibres to be taken off the plant) not by being cut and soaked in a bath in a factory, but by being stacked in the fields – in the RAIN and the DEW for that process to happen naturally. When this happens it retains its lovely grey tone rather than going to a light ivory colour.”

We are proud to have supplied to this fashion designer.. keep your eyes peeled for their great designs!

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